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Exemplary California Third-Party Subrogation Defense from Experienced Attorneys

Excellent service at a cost-effective rate

The legal team of Karasoff & Associates, P.C. has more than 100 years of collective experience obtaining subrogation settlements for its clients. The attorneys' superior communication skills combined with their varied backgrounds allow them to build customized cases for self-insured employers and insurance carriers who are entitled to reimbursement from workers compensation claims.

Because the firm chooses to remain small, its clients are guaranteed to work one on one with a lawyer -- not a paralegal. And all clients are offered personalized attention at an affordable rate.

Superior knowledge leads to successful results

When an employee is injured during working hours in his or her place of employment, workers compensation pays the costs of the medical claim -- at least in theory. In some cases, employees will file a second and separate personal injury claim. But should the employee be awarded a settlement from the second claim while receiving workers compensation benefits, the settlement may be subject to a third-party subrogation claim by the employer.

The attorneys of Karasoff & Associates, P.C. specialize in workers compensation law and have successfully negotiated the recovery of compensation benefits for large and small companies. Their ability to work quickly and efficiently within the legal system gives them an edge in maximizing the compensation amounts they recover for their business clients.

Putting industry knowledge and diverse legal talents to work for clients

The firm's attorneys are dedicated to increasing their knowledge base in the area of workers compensation law, to the benefit of their clients, in the following ways:

  • Through continuing education. They attend educational forums and seminars to keep up with emerging trends in their area of practice.
  • By preparing for the future. The attorneys also present seminars and other sessions to their clients to keep them updated on the complexities employers face in this area of law.
  • By listening actively. The attorneys of Karasoff & Associates, P.C. are trained communicators. They listen carefully to their clients to better anticipate their future needs.

Clients are paired with attorneys whose specific legal skills best serve that client's needs. But perhaps the firm's greatest strength is its team approach, which creates insight from multiple perspectives and ensures the most well-prepared defense possible.

Contact Karasoff & Associates, P.C. when excellence is the only option

The firm of Karasoff & Assocaites, P.C. has a proven record of results obtaining compensation recovery for employers and insurance carriers. To make an appointment with a board-certified workers compensation specialist, contact the firm online or call 415.273.2600.

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