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Areas of Specialization

There is no substitution for superior service

With more than 100 years of combined experience, the attorneys of Karasoff & Associates, P.C. are acclaimed by clients and peers alike as providers of superior legal services. Trained in the art of active listening, each attorney is a skilled communicator whose individual background contributes to the comprehensive assistance each client receives from the firm.

At Karasoff & Associates, P.C., clients take advantage of the security that comes from working with an elite law firm whose talented attorneys match their distinct strengths to clients' specific legal needs. The firm's downtown San Francisco location allows for easy access and has contributed to the firm's reputation for efficiency and expediency.

Custom strategies developed for owners of small and large businesses

The law firm of Karasoff & Associates consistently creates innovative solutions for employers throughout California. To provide consistently high levels of service, the firm concentrates on select areas of employment law:

  • Workers compensation defense. The firm represents both insured and uninsured employers. Clients are offered clear, articulate workers compensation defense strategies by board-certified specialists in workers compensation. The firm also handles cases involving Medicare Set-Aside allocations.
  • Labor Code Section 132a. The firm represents employers accused of violations of the state's anti-discrimination policy. The attorneys also provide training for employers to ensure clients' companies are in full compliance with the laws at all time.
  • Serious and willful misconduct. There is a reasonable assumption that employers will maintain a healthy and safe working environment for their employees. The firm works with outside expert resources to create multiple defense strategies for employers facing accusations of serious and willful misconduct.
  • Third-party recovery and subrogation. The firm represents insurers in third-party recovery claims. Subrogation cases are handled quickly to assist clients in obtaining the maximum recovery amount.

Direct communication from board-certified workers compensation specialists

Clients of Karasoff & Associates, P.C. laud the firm for its ability to expedite the legal process through local courts. The attorneys are also renowned for their clear and direct articulation of client options. Their services have been recognized by some of the area's most prestigious firms, solidifying their reputation for excellence among their peers.

Attorneys with a reputation for excellence

Paul D. Karasoff --     Workers compensation defense, Labor Code Section 132a, serious and willful misconduct, third-party recovery and subrogation

Ellen P. Trossman -- Workers compensation defense, Labor Code Section 132a, serious and willful misconduct, third-party recovery and subrogation


A successful firm with an established reputation for obtaining results

Karasoff & Associates, P.C. is a boutique law firm serving northern California employers. The firm is highly regarded by clients and peers alike for its successful defense delivered in a polished and professional manner. To speak with a board-certified specialist in workers compensation defense, contact the firm by phone at 415.273.2600 or online.

Karasoff & Associates, P.C.
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